Simos Beach

There are 2 popular spots that visitors choose for swimming in Elafonisos , each at the opposite side of the island, Simos and Panagitsa beach.

Παραλία Σίμου


At the north side of the island (Leuki) and facing cythera is the famous Simos beach. It is split by sarakiniko , thus creating 2 bays Fragkos and Sarakiniko.

What Simos is famous for is the crystal clear blue waters and the endless white sand beach. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. During August the beach is filled with thousands of white pangratium blossoms creating a majestic scenery.

Simos Beach

Simos beach is known for it's fine golden sand dunes mixed with the wild cedar trees , composing a beautiful scenery with the highlight of the merging of the two bays. Both bays have isolated spots ideal for a more secluded experience as well as more popular areas offering umbrellas for rent , baywatch and other services.


Another great spot travellers should visit is the beautiful Leuki beach offering an alternative to the , during high season , crowded Simos. You can find it east of simos and it offers white sand , turquise clear waters and a beautiful underwater ecosystem ready for you to explore.

Nisia Tis Panagias

To the northwest of the island is the beach of Panagia ( or Nisia Tis Panagias ) with the same turquoise waters and the same golden sand .

Nisia Tis Panagias

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